Post-conference trip to One Tree Island Research Station

Aerial view of One Tree Island

Photo credit: Frith 2015

Have you ever thought about taking your research to One Tree Island Research Station? This is a perfect opportunity to visit Sydney University’s research station in the Great Barrier Reef to plan your future research! It is truly a special place, one of the few scientific reserves in the Great Barrier Reef and that means that you can only go there with a scientific or education permit. Go to our website for more information about One Tree Island Research Station.

One Tree Reef is located in the Capricorn Bunker Group on the southern Great Barrier Reef. It remains near pristine with limited human influence. It is a remote place, quite hard to get, in fact you can only arrive by boat during certain tides. Unfortunately, we did not plan our conference around the tides and it is not possible to navigate in and out of the lagoon until the 18th of March! so we are catching a seaplane!!


  • Delegates are to make their own arrangements to arrive at Gladstone on Sunday the 13th of March before 1pm. If you book early enough, a return airfare to Gladstone from Sydney can be less than $400.
  • We will catch a seaplane that will take us to One Tree Island.
    • The seaplane fits 4 people in it with reduced luggage, please try to keep your luggage under 10kg and definitely no more than 15kg.
  • We will spend 5 nights at One Tree and during the day we will make excursions to discover different parts of the reef. These trips can be tailored towards the research interests of our visitors.
    • Please note that academic diving is heavily regulated in Australia and, as a consequence, no diving can be allowed in this One Tree Island trip.
    • Activities will include reef walks, snorkeling and boating. All activities will be guided by our researchers.
    • All catering will be provided.
  • We will return by boat via Heron Island on the 18th of March. Arrival at Gladstone will be on the same day. If you are booking a departure flight for the same day please make sure that you book it for later than 2pm.
  • Delegates wishing to dive can stay a few days in Heron Island Resort who is kindly offering us special rates for our delegates.


  • This is a remote location and we are dependent on winds, waves and tides. You are strongly encouraged to book travel insurance.
  • It is a requirement of this fieldtrip that all visitors to One Tree Island can swim.
  • There are no shops (except for our souvenir shop😉 ) or cafes, or anything at One Tree. Please discuss with us any dietary requirements.
  • Bring comfortable clothes, swimmers and sun protecting gear. Reef walks require you to wear shoes such as wetsuit booties (with soles), and old pair of trainers or the always fashionable crocks.
  • Bring your own snorkeling gear.
  • If you wish to stay longer at Heron Resort and are travelling with your own diving gear you will need to make arrangements to have your diving gear sent to the resort before visiting One Tree Island as this will be heavier than the allowed luggage in the seaplane (we can help you with this).


  • Seaplane Gladstone to One Tree.. $400
  • Accommodation (5 nights discounted rate $67).. $335
  • All meals (@$45 per day) $225
  • Boat OTIRS to Heron.$95
  • Boat Heron to Gladstone* $145
  • TOTAL. $1200

*Please note that this fare will get cheaper should you choose to stay at Heron Resort for a few extra days.


Heron Island Resort special rates for delegates